Pranjal Pandey

I am Pranjal Pandey widely known on the Internet by. my pseudo name Physcocode. I believe knowing a programming language is not the skill you require for developing a good software application. It’s all about knowing how to write good algorithms.

I can hire and build a team and provide them with training to work with tools they need. I can choose the right technology stack studying the problem and feasibility. I can manage the whole process from prototype to deployment in. production, and finally I firmly believe to be a good leader.


Director & CEO, Corpusvision Technologies Pvt Ltd (March,2018 – Current)

To bring all services provided by me under one roof and to expand the work scope I founded this company in 2018, projects under various technologies  have been developed under my guidance including hybrid applications , javascript, node, python, android and iOS. My goal is to provide solution to problems irrespective of technologies 

Technical advisor, Akkado (January,2018 – May,2018)

I was responsible for moving their servers that were deployed in multiple locations all to AWS where they can have it all under a single development console. My responsibility there included helping the company build their new technical team . Iffco Tokio and loyalty program were developed by me during this tenure

CTO, TG Connect (Feb ,2017 – January, 2018)

I was responsible for choosing stack, initiating projects and creating a team for TG Connect’s Mi-fi project. Everything from deploying the initial server, creating applications and writing code for the mi-fi box were done under my guidance. I was handling a team of 5-6 developers 

Founder, Ernstaa Technologies Pvt Ltd (Aug,2016 – Dec,2017 )

Single Handedly developed and deployed 3 applications under the brand name of Ernstaa Technologies which were in the Scope of Customer Complaint system and Inventory Management. Apart from this few minor projects were done

Founder & CEO, Gleron Technologies Pvt Ltd (April,2013- Aug,2015)

Development of two projects Gleron+ and Mysmiff was done during this tenure. I had to manage and guide a team of 8 people working on various technologies including android and iOS. Deploying and managing servers were done under my guidance


 B.Tech-Computer Science (2020)

Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology

 12th- Maharashtra Board (2015)

Gaurav High School and Jr. College

 10th- ICSE (2013)

Ryan International School, Kharghar


Programming Language : Java, Python, C, PHP, Javascript, C++, Swift, Scala  

Frameworks : Ionic, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Scrawler, Angular, Vuejs, React, Play Framework, Ruby on Rails, Meteor, node js

Web  : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, UIKit, Materialize CSS,  Bulma, Zurb Foundation

Tools : Cordova, Capacitor, Electron, Git, Continuous Integrations (CI), DocBlock, SVN, Gitlab, Trello

Server : Kubernetes, AWS,  Google Cloud, Linode

Database : MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, Cloud Firestore, MariaDB

Platforms : Android, iOS, Web, Desktop

Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish


Method to Prevent Piracy of Software Using Hardware UUID and Encryption – ICACTRP 2017


Neural Networks and Deep Learning – – Coursera

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization – – Coursera

Structuring Machine Learning Projects –  – Coursera

Specialization in Machine Learning – – Coursera

Computer Science 101 – Stanford

Licensing Windows Server 2012 R2 – Microsoft Virtual Academy 

Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start – Microsoft Virtual Academy

Windows Performance Jump Start – Microsoft Virtual Academy

PHP for Azure – Microsoft Virtual Academy


Rank 1 – PHP Hard Test TechGig

Rank 557 – DevOps Test Code Gladiators 2017 TechGig

Rank 781 – November CircuitsHacker Earth

Rank 1706 – Store Transaction Imputation ContestTechGig

Rank 2637 – September Circuits’ 17Hacker Earth

Rank 3412 –  Open Contest Code Gladiators 2018TechGig

Rank 8207 – Open Contest Code Gladiators 2017TechGig