Postman API Hackathon !

Postman recently launched a Hackathon to create useful API work spaces, I am really excited for the Hackathon and thrilled about the great features Postman workspaces offer !

let breakdown what we are gonna do by first understanding the challenge , then looking at the solution I am going to offer , followed by step by step breakdown

The Challange

The challenge is to create a Postman public workspace with a Collection of APIs, something that is creative, has compelling value to developers, addresses a problem, or has community interest.

  • Create a public workspace – Create a public workspace that is useful to other developers, valuable (has business value) and that would have community interest. Going well beyond just a Github repository and showing the value of a workspace to an open community.
  • Create a collection – Postman Collections are a group of saved requests you can organize into folders and share with the developer community via Postman public workspaces.
  • Have a purpose – Build novel approaches to aggregating many different types of docs, collections, or APIs into a single workspace.

My Submission Idea

Due to out cry of privacy concern from social media giants people are looking for ways to create their own niche social site or looking ways for integrating social features to there existing solution. So I am gonna create a workspace of API’s for creating social networking features. The following features will be available via API’s

  • User management API
  • Social Feed API
  • Chatting/Messaging API
  • Social features like follow etc

I did not find a collection of free or open source API for creating this social API workspace so I would be doing following steps :

  1. Create OpenAPI 3.0 specification for building social network API
  2. Creating Mock Server, Collections, Test Cases using Postman
  3. Create Social Networking API using Scrawler-PHP framework
  4. Open Source the social API so that anyone can host there own social API backend
  5. Create a first class public workspace on Postman for making easier collaborative development on Social API !

What I am expecting to achieve by end of Hackathon

  • A complete OpenAPI 3.0 Specification for building social networking API
  • A fully open source API server for creating social media facilities
  • A Postman workspace using which people can easily test or develop social media websites
  • Maybe a fully hosted and managed solution for providing social media API (in future)

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